Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and John Wick 2.

What are three movies I don't need to see?

Star Trek I've already discussed elsewhere, although the argument applies equally well to Ghostbusters: I have my memories of Star Trek and the Enterprise, I don't need a "re-imagining". I don't need to re-visit someone else's slightly different take on the same ideas. Same with Ghostbusters. My lack of interest has nothing to do with the fact that the movie has four female leads. Although one wonders why such a strong, female-led movie had to be made on the bones of another franchise. If you can tell a good story, tell a good story. You don't need to hide it in another franchise.

And that brings us to John Wick 2, rumours of which I have found on the internet. John Wick was, in many ways, a work of art. It was a rare movie that understood exactly what it was, and aspired to be nothing more than that. There were sequences that were pure art. Trying to launch a franchise off of that seems to cheapen the entire experience.

(The argument about "re-imagining" very nearly applies to Star Wars as well, except that the new Star Wars intends to extend their universe, not "re-imagine" it. That and the fact that it was done so well that it was practically an homage to the entire Star Wars canon that had gone before.)