OK, perhaps I'm overstating things a bit.

Anyways.  Last Friday I went to see the supervising oncologist who's been dealing with the post-operative management of my case.  After some poking and prodding, he said that as far as he's concerned, I'm cancer-free.  I had the cancer, I had the thyroid out, I had the ablation, and the scans don't show any anomalies that any of the experts are concerned about, so that's it, we're into managing remission.

So I'll do the follow-up radioactive iodine scan this summer before the trip west.  This won't be as big a deal as last fall's exercise.  The radioactive dose is much smaller, and although I'll have to go off the drugs and then be isolated for four days afterwards, the whole period of time is much shorter.

So yeah, Dave: 1, Cancer: 0.