Bits and pieces

A Dell PowerEdge 1950 that I'm taking the CPU and RAM out of, because I don't have enough power supplies to make it actually run -- I'd rather have one server with two power supplies rather than two with one each. Anyways, putting the CPU and RAM in another unit makes that unit more usable thanks to VMware. I'm constantly amazed to be living in a future where reasonable hardware for VMware is basically free -- we don't want to use it in production because there's no warranty or support on it -- so having a sandbox for playing and experiments is exceptionally useful. As long as none of those experiments leaks into production, that is. I'm totally sure that's never happened, no sir.


Lava Light

An experiment in my tunnel on using lava and glass features for lighting purposes. Downside of using them is that you can't run rails over glass, which totally changes how I was going to run the rails down this tunnel.


Same Bus, Different Boy

Today was Nathan's turn to ride the bus. It can be fun being out with him.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

So we see a preview for this thing and Jenn decides she wants to watch the original. We're both pretty sure we own it... but it isn't in the collection of ripped DVDs.

"OK, so we can work around," she says, clicking over to NetFlix. And once again proving that NetFlix is for browsing not for watching, she can't find it there either.

"Well, I didn't want to buy it, but I guess we have no choice," she says, and clicks back to the iTunes movie store.... and it isn't in there either.

"So let me get this straight," I said. "They made a sequel to a movie so bad it isn't on iTunes OR NetFlix?"

I clearly don't understand Hollywood.


NHL Zamboni

Alex supervises the zamboni operations from ice level at the Wild-Senators game. He had a great time, but we did have to leave before the third because he was getting a little bored.


Masked Hacker

Who was that masked man?


Ex Machina

(On Netflix) Not sure what this movie was trying to be -- suspense, horror, open-ended question. As such it felt like it was trying to be something without trying to be that something. I didn't like the end, but I don't see how it could end any other way. It was OK, but I won't watch it again.

Luigi Ferrari! Pit Stop?

Luigi likes Ferraris. I liked this so much I paid a ridiculous amount of money to buy just this one -- not the companion -- on eBay. Luigi sits over my desk with the collection of Ferrari die-casts.


OCTranspo Again

Alex earned another bus ride.


Zootopia Public Transit

Nathan rides the Zootopia standee.


Alex got to go to Montreal on the train, so Nathan and I went to see Zootopia. It wasn't painful at all. I liked it. Not sure how well it will stand up to repeated viewings, but I'm sure that thanks to iTunes I'll find out.



This movie was so good on so many levels.Well worth seeing, if you are old enough.