Review: Avengers Endgame


J: so I'm out of town for a week starting the Saturday after Avengers is released.

Me: just so you know, I fully intend to see Endgame on my own that week if you are not around.

J: well lets look at the available showings on Friday.

Me: they all suck. No seats or terrible seats.

J: hmm, they have some Thursday night shows.

Me: ...and the one at 22:50 has seats that are not singles, front row, way-the-hell over to one side.

J: should we? It's a three hour movie, starting at 11 PM, so we won't be getting home until 2:30 AM. On a school/work night.

Me: sure, do it. It's almost certainly a terrible idea, even if I can't think of why it is a terrible idea right at this moment.

J: okay, done. Two tickets for 22:50 on Thursday night.

Me: (not thirty seconds later) who the hell are we going to get to look after the kids at 10:30 on a Thursday night?


10000 Tweets

I noticed that I'd missed tweet number 10000, so I had to count back from 10070 to figure out which one was the magical #10000. I'm pretty satisfied with this as the 10K representative.


Captain Marvel

Or, Mar Vel... whatever.

Anyways, it was better than it had any right to be. And all liked the bit with the cat.


It's too late to be working



The Lego Movie 2

Tries to build something new from the pieces of the last one. (HA!) I have to admit that I did not see most of the twists coming. Definitely not terrible. Kids loved it.


Feeding Time