DLM Saturday

Those with a sensitive disposition may wish to look away. DLM stands for Diecast Liberation Movement, as in, open the cars from their packaging. So I opened probably $150 to $200 (eBay's) worth of Hot Wheels. I've been kidding myself that I was going to open them and create content for the other place, but since that's stopped being fun -- one can only shout so long into the void -- I decided I was tired of looking at them all in blister packs and I opened them. Along with the pile of mainlines, there is a Cool Classics Series 3 CRX, most of the 2015 Porsche series, most of this year's BMW series, and a couple of the Heritage cars. Plus a couple of Matchbox cars, but they don't count. They are all carefully put away in the storage containers, and my desk is now much cleaner.

For some of them there is a bit of stress, in that I wonder if I am destroying something of significant value. For the most part there isn't, there are literally millions of most of these cars and opening one more won't do anything either way. But special cars like the Cool Classics cars?

Right now there are very few cars I won't open. Probably the Entertainment Series, a couple of error cards, and the Speed Machine 599XX cars which are occasionally valued at ridiculous levels. Just about everything else? DLM.