Well that was fun

Ever wonder why political leaders never provide thoughtful, paradigm-shifting, intelligent plans?

Rae, Ignatieff, LeBlanc ditch Green Shift

OTTAWA - Liberal leadership candidates Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff would ditch the Green Shift carbon tax, outgoing leader Stephane Dion's signature policy, on grounds it was rejected by voters on election day.

That's right, Skippy, it's because the voters don't want them.

And so forward the great Liberal party, having lost power to the Conservative party's brilliant and innovative we're-not-the-Liberals strategy, can now be counted on to put up a brilliant and innovative we're-not-the-Conservatives strategy in response.

But on the other hand, such a strategy gets votes, so it can't be all bad, right?

Besides, it gives the columnists, opposition MPs, and bloggers the opportunity to bemoan the lack of intelligent, innovative, paradigm-shifting leadership.



[xdroop] HD comes out, and suddenly every sitcom DP thinks he's shooting a fucking movie.


Clubbing Bunnies

'comparing Google Apps to OpenOffice.org is like clubbing a staked-out bunny — Google Apps is so far behind that the whole exercise seems like an exercise in pointless cruelty.'