KT-10 makes best orbit yet

KT-10 makes a self-guided launch into a 142x99km orbit.

Standard "Baniff" lifter

Program complete
This project is using the kOS plug-in to manage the launches.  Everything is done programically.  The only inputs I make manually are view changes and the action group to command the solar panels and antenna to deploy.

Surprisingly, or at least surprising to me, is that the hardest part of the launch is the circularization burn.  If you just whack it at apoapsis, you end up with a hugely elongated orbit.  Early KT-series probes even achieved escape velocity from Kerbin.  There's got to be some math I can do to take my altitude, velocity, and vector, and calculate both my current orbit and my desired orbit -- and therefore the circularization burn to transition between the two.  Right now I'm trying to balance my altitude, apoapsis, and periapsis dynamically and the 142x99 is the best I've achieved.  As you can see below, the KT-series has come a long way:

KT-1 through KT-9.
KT-9 highlighted.


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