In which we shed some light on things.



Dave's Rules Of Home Renovation

Not that I'm an expert or been involved in many of these things,but it seems that one thing has been true every time we've done this:
  1. Any renovation will take longer than you, or the trades, or anyone thinks.
  2. ...even after accounting for rule 1.


Sharepoint Hate

The more I work with Sharepoint, the more I realize that I absolutely loath it.

It has the same total-lack-of-organizational-structure that a good wiki has, but throws in an awful web-based Word-style "formatting" and "style" markup toolset for presentation.  It has the same insistence-on-doing-the-wrong-thing that old versions of Word had (and maybe modern versions have if you have not come to grips with the formatting tools there).

The difference is, I can bully Word into A) staying out of my way until I want to do the formatting, and B) looking more or less the same as all the other documents I produce do.

The Sharepoint wiki thing is awful.

(I'm also not a fan of the Sharepoint ideal of just-write-everything-in-Word and storing those in Sharepoint.  The wiki is best in theory, but its like they've deliberately made it unusable.)

Somehow I elected myself policy master, and that means I get to write all the first drafts -- including the documents which describe how documents are to be written, named, and filed.  And being forced to use this tool just makes me want to hurt something.

The old wiki had the same lack of standardization and lack of ingrained organizational structure -- but at least I could do the markup language without thinking about it.

Since we are going to have to write another how-to-wiki document anyways, I'm wondering if changing our storage medium is really a good idea in the long run.  I'm starting to suspect that this is more about abandoning our messy past than actually fixing the future.