Review: Home

Jim Parsons is going to get typecast as his Big-Bang Theory character Sheldon for the rest of his life. He probably won't mind, because he'll probably end up very rich because of it.  Home is a vehicle for Sheldon-isms without the burden of the rest of TBBT cast or, you know, a plausible plot, and ends up with the predictable Here's The Message at the end that children's movies have to have these days. I got tired of the Sheldon-isms about 15 minutes into the movie, but got past that and it was a pretty good ride.  The Message is the message, but even that doesn't intrude too much.  And they made pretty good attempts to insert references for the adults, the most obvious being the Star Wars hang and the outatime license plate spin.  So yeah, it was OK for a movie, which is a good thing, because we're going to see it again in two weeks as part of a Birthday Party.