Burger Time: Five Guys

Overall: it was okay, but it sure wasn't a Vera's.  Make no mistake, it was a very well done burger, lots of food, all of it good, maybe a bit pricier than I might like (although in the same ball park as Vera's).

I think what disappointed me the most was the metal chairs done up to look like wood chairs, and the fact that all the decorations in the room -- plus most of the decorations on things like the cups -- were reminders to you that all these people over all these years had voted Five Guys Most Likely To Succeed or something.  Look, it is fine to be proud of your accomplishments and all, but I don't need to sit in a room with you telling me how much other people like you.  I'm there.  You have my money.  Let your food do the talking for you.

Of course, after listening to the food... maybe that's why they overcompensate a bit.