Standing Desk: 4th Iteration

I thought I had a picture of the third iteration of the standing desk, but I don't.

What happened was that a co-worker decided he needed a third screen because of what he is doing, so the boss got him one.  The boss asked me if I wanted one, so I jokingly said "sure" because I didn't expect it to happen.  But it showed up in January with other stuff for some new hires, and I'm not going to say no to new gear -- so presto, two screens.

I had them together on the cabinet on the desk, with two little Dell monitor stands underneath them, and this lifted them up to a height that was convenient for me to see.

The second thing that happened was that I lost my glasses.  This forced an emergency visit to the optometrist, and new prescription in hand, I went and got new ones.  So now, I can read the small print on the laptop LCD screen from where I stand.

So now I'm using things like this:

I'm not sure where the penguin came from.
I did have the keyboard on another two inch monitor stand briefly, but that got repurposed into a monitor stand for the two-monitor layout.  That left the keyboard a little uncomfortably high, and the mouse on the lower level.

Over the winter I went around in socks only for the most part, since the $10 shoes I was using were about $20 too expensive (if you know what I mean).  Since boot weather has more or less gone, I'm just wearing my shoes on the straight floor because the pad tile I have is too small to shuffle around on.  I am considering finding a larger mat to stand on, but with my day-to-day shoes I can stand straight on the floor.

I find I move around while standing, even if it is just shuffling back and forth on my feet while working.  And standing up makes it trivial to just step out of the cube when I need a micro break.

If I need to think, I'm still sitting down, especially in the afternoon.  This lets me stare out the window at the parking lot, which removes the distractions of the screens from my view.  There's also a white clear board I can doodle on in my line of sight, which helps.

But one good thing -- I happened to be on a scale last week, and I'm down 10 pounds from where I was at my last physical -- which predated the whole standing-desk thing.  So maybe it is paying off in terms of fitness, a little bit.

One thing is for sure, I've stuck with it a lot longer than I thought I would.

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