Dammit, Oracle

I don't want the Ask toolbar.  I've never wanted the Ask toolbar.  I've said no to the Ask toolbar each of the dozen or so times it has been offered in Java security updates.  Stop asking me about the Ask toolbar.

Algorythmically, how hard is this?

IF (<this is an upgrade of JAVA>)
 ANDIF (<the installed version of java shipped with the Ask toolbar option>)
 ANDIF (<the Ask toolbar isn't installed>)
   THEN ( the user probably doesn't want the Ask toolbar, so don't offer it )
  IF (<the Ask toolbar isn't installed>)
    THEN(offer the Ask toolbar)


This is almost as bad as Adobe's insistence that I want a big, steaming pile of Adobe Reader icon plopped on my desktop during an upgrade of that.

I really wish I could just jettison java and be done with it.