Rancid 3


What I'm not seeing in the FAQ is a note that if you've been using 
rancid 2.x the router.db separator character changed from : to ; 

2.3.8 router.db: 

3.0 router.db: 

Guys. Guys. Guys.

You don't just arbitrarily change the config division symbol. Who the hell needs continuity? Your user community, that's who.

If you really, really, really want to change something so fundamental, maybe you should cover the change with some code which says "looks like you are using an out-of-date config file format" or even merely a "hey, this config line is bogus, maybe you wanna look into that?"

But no -- lets silently do nothing. The absolutely worst result you can possibly have. It took me a month of fucking around with this to notice that it was diligently recording all my routers as down, which finally gave me the magic string rancid marking all routers down to google to find out what had been changed.