Boring Sunday: Ten Car Garage

As a wise man once said, everyone must have a perfect ten car garage. That wise man was Jeremy Clarkson, but moving on.
(From Jalopnik).

Well this Sunday is boring, so why not indulge in a little day dreaming? This is just off the top of my head, and in no particular order:

  • Toyota Sienna V6 AWD minivan customized to be a limousine inside, including drinks, TV, and internet. Sometimes you don't want to drive or you want someone else to drive so you can work, read, or sleep. And since I won't be driving it, I don't care that it has the handling characteristics of a shopping cart. But still AWD so it can go places I might reasonably want to go even in poor weather.
  • Subaru Impreza with CVT and the paddle shifters as a daily driver. I'm old and lazy now and can't be bothered to row my own gears any more. So no STi. The CVT paddle shifter is a nice compromise between play and work, and can be ignored completely when I am lazy. I'm not 100% sure about this car, really. The last Legacy and Imprezas I drove had really vague steering. Cars like the Mazda 3 have much more responsive steering and just feel more fun to drive, even if they are ultimately less capable in the bad weather.
  • BMW 325 xiT -- for things that don't fit in the Subaru.
  • Mazda Miata or Honda S2000 -- because convertible. I am told I probably wouldn't fit in the Miata so I would try them both. If I don't fit in either I might look at a Ferrari California or something even though that's more of a cruiser than a "sportscar".
  • 1992 Audi ur-Quattro -- both the first, and last, of the first generation of 4WD rally cars on the street. The Group-B monsters don't really count for me because they were not really offered for sale beyond the ridiculous homologation requirements.
  • 1985 Toyota Supra -- I have lusted after these cars since they were new.
  • Acura NSX -- if there is a mandatory super car requirement, we might as well have one at is easy to drive.
  • Ferrari 328 GTS -- one that is rough enough to be driven and won't have to be a garage queen. You have to have a Ferrari or Porsche on lists like this, but I would like one that I wouldn't have to treat like it was made out of porcelain or something.
Frankly after this point I'm padding. I might be padding with the BMW, even. Things like the Nissan GT-R might appeal to me in a visceral way, but I can't see any reason to have such a ridiculously overpowered car. I can probably have more fun, more safely, in something like a Miata than in a monster like the GT-R.

The one thing that strikes me about this list: only two garage queens, the Audi and the Supra. Everything else I would expect to drive regularly, normally, on every-day streets.

Probably the only other addition would be kind of bending the rules -- a specific 1960 Austin-Healy Bug-eye Sprite. My dad has this car in his garage and although it probably needs more "restore" than "repair" at this point I would love to get it fitted out and then put it back in his garage. If money was no object I would certainly offer to do that for him.

Okay, that's another Sunday killed.