Review: The Hobbit -- The Battle Of The Five Armies (HFR-3D)

This movie made the rest of the trip worth while, but I'm not sure by how much. It can't stand alone as a singular work as it depends too much on what has gone on before. But what is there is well done, including sweeping, gorgeous action sequences showing large armies in action.

(Assuming you count the eagles as the fifth army.)

And yes, if you stand each of the six movies on its own and rate it only by itself, there is an argument that this movie exceeds Return Of The King and Two Towers. But these movies are ultimately trilogies, and the first trilogy is ultimately stronger.

HFR is a vastly more satisfying experience than is IMAX-3D, even if it is visually darker. I suspect this is due to the fact that each eye is only getting half the light that it would get in a standard frame-rate. But the detail and motion is gorgeous.

Now that it is done, I am torn as to whether or not The Hobbit is a good series. The first one had some moments, but the second one ultimately failed to deliver... well... much of anything. This third one is a triumphant cap that is a reward for sticking it out. I'm not sure I have the urge to see any of them again.