Fringe is doomed.

Now to be clear, I've thought this for a while. The series somehow got renewed twice, but now Fox appears to be actively trying to kill it by moving it to the series-killing Friday night. But this is old news.

No, what convinces me Fringe is doomed is this article linked by the official Fringe page on Facebook, and shows up in the timelines of everyone who "Liked" Fringe:
Well, we noticed you didn't tune in. That's right -- I'm looking at you, the half million viewers who just decided that they would miss out on an episode of Fringe during its most critical ratings stage yet. [...] There are a million excuses, mister, and we're not taking any of them.
If your official page is resorting to borderline insulting the very fans you are trying to keep, your barrel of tricks is either very, very shallow -- or very, very empty.

Now yes, Fox is rigging this with the whole Friday night thing.

But really?


Sorry Fringe, we'll miss you.