45GB Visually

This is apparently what ~45GB over a month looks like:

I got the web-page overlay warning me that I'd used 75% of my 60GB cap for the month. Ergo, 45GB. I know that most of the usage is the big green and red blocks in the month, and I also know what those blocks are (initial upload of a backup-over-the-internet account, and... erm... other things). The little spikes are mostly the kids on Sesame Street and playing flash games, but there are some of my working-from-home incidents in there too.

This is the first time I've ever gotten the warning, and I sort of expected it with this backup operation.

I'd like to sign up for the Rogers' site which would tell me how much usage they think I've used, as compared to what I think. However the sign-up site would not work in the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, or IE. Maybe my plug-ins are interfering with the site, but I think that unlikely because I installed Firefox, plugin-free, explicitly to do this sign up and it still didn't work. But that's another rant entirely.