Getting Exited Over Small Things

So I'm kind of pleased with myself.

There is a web site that I am a user of called Server Fault, where people post questions regarding corporate-type computer issues. I've been a member since they opened it up to the public, and since then I've kept reasonably active.

It has a mechanism called "reputation", where you get points assigned to you by the rest of the community based on how the community views your contributed questions and your answers to other questions.

So yeah, it's a game. But as a side-effect of the game, you frequently can get high-quality answers to questions in a short period of time.

It's an addictive game too. My first boatload of points came fairly quickly, and since then I've set myself the goal of keeping my reputation above 10% of the total number of asked questions. This means I only have to score one upvote on every 100 questions because you get 10 reputation for each upvote.

The operators of Server Fault have decided to mail out some promotional stickers to the top 70 users of each of their sites. And wouldn't you know, as of today I am the 55th top user of Server Fault. Not quite top-50, but I've gone up in the rankings over the last couple of weeks, so top-50 isn't out of reach. But it means that I do qualify.

Up at the top there is my "reputation" for ServerFault as of today; the link is to my current page.

It is a silly game, so not really much of an accomplishment in the big picture. I couldn't keep up the same rate of progress on SuperUser, which is another site they run. Although I think that is more due to the questions being of a subject that I can't answer, plus the sheer volume of the questions asked on the site.

But still, there are only 54 people of the 19362 registered on this site ranked above me on this site.