Idiot Conservatives

So what are we to take away from this?
Finley emerged from a Conservative caucus meeting to blast as "straight out of academic fantasyland" a proposal by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff for a 360-hour minimum work requirement for employment insurance benefits.

"Mr. Ignatieff is going to have to come forward with specific, detailed, financially responsible ideas that won't raise taxes for Canadians who can least afford it at this point in time," Finley told reporters.
Well, how about:
  • Conservatives think unfairness is the way to go; and
  • governments who turn "small deficit" into a "more than" $50 billion deficit while reducing taxes don't have any "fiscal responsibility" credibility left.
The Liberals and Conservatives appear to be in a race to see who can screw things up the deepest in as little time as possible. This makes me long for the days when they just insisted that everything the other guy wanted was wrong but carried on ignoring each other anyways.