CRTC Should Stay Out Of My Network

Canadians support reasonable Web traffic shaping: poll
Most Canadians support the idea of Internet traffic management as long as all users are treated fairly, a new poll suggests.
Now I'm not an ISP or anything like that. I do have a hand in running a small network that services multiple companies in the same building, along with some light hosting.

My position is: it is my job to provide a certain standard of service to my customers, and I don't want the CRTC saying that I can't use specific technology to stop behavior which is detrimental to my customers.

It's my network. I should be permitted to let, or deny, packets through at my sole discretion. Should my customers disagree with my discretion, then they are quite free to take their business somewhere else.

So in the case of the "big" ISPs like Bell and Rogers, my support is for the big guy.