Happy 6th Birthday SnipSnap

Just over six years ago, I installed my first instance of Snipsnap. Snipsnap is the wiki-blog (or "bliki", to use an invented word) software that is running on my wiki site. According to the software, since then I've added over a thousand entries.

The wiki has gone from a private tool, to a website exposed from my systems at home, to a website that's on its own dedicated box in a hosting facility.

I've had many thoughts about the software, chief among them that I don't like the java thing that runs it; I have even done some rough planning on designing a replacement. This would change some of the things I'd like changed, while leaving intact the syntax of the actual entries.

The one thing that SnipSnap has going for it is that it has a relatively short learning curve. This means that it is easy to get information into it, and once you do that the inertia of the existing information acts as a deterrent to throwing it away and replacing it with something else.

Eventually I'm sure I'll have to do something about it, either finding the gratuitous time required to write my replacement, or change to something else. The software isn't being developed any more and it is only a matter of time before either it won't run in a modern environment or someone finds and exploits some gaping security hole.

But still: six years. That's an age in Internet time.