Dear Numbers-Obsessed Social Networker:

This is a response to the article: Dear Web ‘Celebrity’ Who Never Follows Anyone Back, I think you’re missing the point of social media.

Two opinions:

First, why should I follow you back? Are you interesting? Just because you find me interesting is no reason to get petty because I don't find you interesting. If a WebCeleb followed all 15K followers he had, he'd get... well, he'd get 15K users worth of updates -- ie a flood of stuff that would drown out any use he might have had for Twitter except as a broadcast medium. All because Twitter's filtering tools SUCK, since basically it boils down to "everything please" or "no thanks".

If you are interesting, I might follow you if I think I might have a conversation with you.

Second. If you are interesting but I don't think I would have a conversation with you, or I suspect that due to your 15K followers you'd never see my pitiful attempts at conversation, I'll throw the RSS feed of your tweets into my Google Reader. That way I'll see what you say, if you are interesting, and I can dump your RSS feed easily if you get boring.


In conclusion: be interesting, and don't get stuck in the trap of equivocating "number of followers" with "importance".

Look to Star Trek for guidance: "Don't try to be a great man, just be a man and let history come to its own conclusions."

And yes, I just went there.