Things To Do

My Tera-Byte hosting is up for renewal, and I've decided not to renew it. The main point of having the hosting was to host the weblog; now everything which isn't on the wiki computer is at Google, so there isn't much point.

I am keeping the domain name, though.

This is all a scramble because the renewal is the 4th of January, and I only got notified about the renewal on 25 December.

So I have to:

  • set up new DNS hosts

  • copy the content from Tera-Byte

  • set up the wiki computer to re-serve the Tera-Byte content while I figure out a longer term strategy for those pieces

  • set up the primary and secondary MX relaying

  • set up anti-spam on the wiki (since that will be doing primary mail)

Longer term it might still be a good idea to move all mail to Google Domains. I looked at that a while back but didn't like it. The Google Domains only offered 2GB per mailbox; meanwhile Gmail was giving me over 6GB (and currently it is 7.2GB, of which I am using about 300MB). Also I have to admit I am a bit disappointed with the anti-spam on Gmail, I am still having to deal with a bunch of spam messages every day I look at that inbox... although it is true that at least I don't have to keep hand-holding the antispam like I used to have to.