Randall Denley on Stephen the Stimulator

Says Randall:
An unnamed "senior government official" says former tightwad Stephen Harper will be borrowing $64 billion over two years and going on a spending bender the likes of which we haven't seen. Just to be clear, and not to get the unnamed official into trouble, he/she said there will be a $64-billion deficit. The tightwad and bender stuff are just things that we know.

There's also rumors of a tax cut for you and me.

So, to sum up:
  • The government is going to spend lots of money it doesn't have; and
  • plans to pay it back with less of a tax base.
All this from the same clowns who, the day before the election, swore up and down that there was no economic crisis, a deficit would never happen, and aren't those Liberals evil for suggesting otherwise?

The voters got the government they deserve. If you vote for idiots, don't be surprised when that's who ends up running the country.