Fourth Time Lucky?

This is at least the fourth time someone's been around to stick signs in the snowbanks on this street. On Tuesday we had the "no parking overnight" signs, then Wednesday morning they were gone -- but the snowbanks were still there. Last night, the "no parking overnight" signs were back, and this morning we have "no parking through the day".

This street isn't well designed for dealing with snowbanks -- our side has the nice decorative trees on the piece of grass between the sidewalk and the street, so the snow removal operations have to be careful not to kill any of them, and in doing so they end up leaving around 50% of the snowbank untouched. And our side is the south side of the street, so it gets less direct sun through the day too. Add it all up and our side is stuck with snowbanks longer than the people across the street are.

Update: They actually came this time and removed some of the snowbanks. Not sure if there was much point to it since it seemed to be melting pretty quickly on its own.