Portable Power

So for the usual no-good reason I decided my laptop needed to have 16GB of memory. Well actually it is a good reason, since Win8/Win10 VMs require at least 4GB of RAM, I can't run more than one on a 8GB system. And frequently I do want to run more than one. Or I want to run one and a linux VM. Or whatever. Who knew that one day I'd be missing XP, and it's willingness to run in a 1GB VM?... ahh, good times, good times...

Anyways, I went off to Canada Computers and got the required memory, and here we are:

But it occurred to me that this laptop is now almost more powerful than the lab system I have at home, a Dell 1950 with 16GB of RAM and 2x1TB drives in a RAID.

The laptop has fewer cores (2+hyperthreading vs 8) but it has a SSD, is much lighter, and would consume soooo much less electricity under full load than the 1950.

This keeps happening, that my business-issued computer ends up being more powerful than anything I have in the house.

Maybe it is time to go looking for a better lab system. I've already come up against the RAM limit a couple of times, and once I get going with things I'm going to probably want more CPU than just 8, since the Windows Server VM I have installed takes so many cores. And finding something that uses less power would be good too.

The wife won't like that idea one bit.