Fedora 24 Exploration

Well that was mildly interesting. I was caught in a gap between some phone calls, so I decided that I could spend some time assembling a network monitor node on an ancient, spare laptop. Since the tools I was going to install on this thing were fairly well known, I decided to use Fedora 24 as the basis for this laptop instead of CentOS 6 which is what most of my experience was with.

So today I managed to:

  • install the OS with disk encryption (trivial)
  • install nfsen's dependencies (pretty easy)
  • install nfsen (less easy, I had to change what type of rrdtool was installed -- nfsen doesn't like v1.5 which is what Fedora 24 comes with, but hacking the installer to change the version check threshold has -- so far -- worked)
  • build and install fprobe (because there was no documentation on getting fprobe-ulog to work with firewalld)
  • get both nfsen and fprobe to start under systemd on boot
I'm still suspicious of systemd, but so far it hasn't eaten any of my babies. Mostly it just seems to be "new" for the sake of being "new".

Now I'll let it cook and see if it actually captures anything.