Lava Projects

Finally completed a long project on my phone's Minecraft/PE: a glass lava conduit that goes from the surface down a excavated, lined hole right down to the bedrock. It was one of those projects that you do for no good reason and when you are done, wonder exactly why you did it. That's what this is. And it looks OK, might have looked better if it was lined with polished diorite instead of the granite, or if there was some kind of texturing/pattern to the lining. This project took a couple of weeks to complete in the intermittent play-time I allocated to it, mostly because any time I found a granite/diorite/andesite vein I would mine it to exhaustion, and I did the same to any tunnel complexes I encountered on the way down.

Meanwhile on my iPad's Minecraft/PE, I have some lava sculptures that I put together because I thought they might look cool.

The big one on the left is an experiment designed to generate a lava-curtain -- the big block above it hides the block arrangement that lets this be "powered" by a single lava block. It kind of becomes a literal "firewall". It ate a lot of andesite blocks, mostly because I wasn't terribly efficient about how I put it together.  Still, it was kind of interesting to do as an exercise.

The other two are older stone-and-glass arrangements that don't really serve any purpose other than maybe looking cool. And to be fair, they do look kind of cool at night.