Migration Contemplation -- An Even Crazier Idea


So it occurs to me: if a Mac, ie new hardware, is on the table, why not consider doing something really stupid?

I mean, yeah, no half-measures here.  If you want portable, let's get portable.

But exactly how stupid an idea would it be?
  • It has a small display.
  • RAM is limited to 8GB.
  • Storage is limited to 512GB.
  • It is totally non-upgradable.
  • It fails the "too small to be a primary computer test", but does so so convincingly that the lack of heft becomes a virtue, not a liability.
On the positive side:
  • It is ultra-portable.  It is small.  I like small.  My first laptop was an "executive" laptop, something that became one of the first "Ultrabooks" before those started to bloat into whatever they have become.  This would be small.
  • There pretty much isn't anything I do today that I couldn't do with this.  It would pass all my criteria for staying with Windows.  I could even fit all my current storage needs into it, although barely -- and the form factor would mean that most of my VM'ing would be pointless and those things could go.
  • You can get an i7, which should be enough horsepower to get me around for a few years..
  • It has an available docking station with multiple USB ports, a Gb interface, and a video out, and can apparently run two external 1080p monitors at the same time that the main display is running.  So I could probably buy a third monitor and do two monitors natively plus a third through USB, and have the tablet display turned off while it was docked.
But it's probably expensive, right?

Oh, my.

Help, this isn't looking like a stupid idea after all.