Ionic Mk.3 Arrives At Dres

Mission log:

(MET Day:Hour:Minute; IB=Ion Burn #)

285:06:24 IB17  +2h11m Match orbital speed with Dres 1693m/s

  • Gigantor performance at 35.5Gm: 14.79 -- so a single one is sufficient to drive an ion engine at least out to Dres.
  • We are 500Mm away from Dres.  I think this means we pooched the Hohman intercept.  On the other hand that's like a 1.3% miss.

351:12:50 IB18: +3m15s 45m/s adjust intercept orbit

  • Closest approach will now be 7Mm in 1y 12d.

594:18:04 IB19: 7m 35s, 99.9m/s Set up for Dres encounter

  • Encounter Periapsis currently at 700Km.

The tiny dot just above the probe is Dres

992:14:28 Dres encounter. Encounter periapsis set for 580km.

Orbital Insertion

994:10:10 IB20: 5m52s, 78m/s -- insertion into 600x10000km orbit around Dres

994:10:17 Engine shutdown, welcome to Dres.

Engine shutdown, welcome to Dres

So aside from there being a lot of waiting for ion burns and for planets to get into the right position, that was an interesting exercise.

Now I have to decide what to do next. Probes are interesting, but I have a desire to do a lander again.

On the other hand, we still have 4800m/s of delta-v available in the Mk.3.  Maybe we should try to push it out to fly past Jool.