Closer, But Not Usefully So

So continuing on in the Minmus-1: A Chronicle Of Failure...

I spread Minmus-1h and -1i at high speed across a mountain side on Minmus. It is the same mountain, as a matter of fact, which gave me some handy visual reference distances when on final approach with Minmus-1j.

This landing was slightly more successful, although not usefully so:

Too much lateral movement and too much of a slope
makes Dave a sad boy.
The title just about sums it up.  

I can spin the wheels but not do anything else with it. Maybe if I'd staged off the lander just before landing (and bounce) it would have either not rolled, or rolled one more quarter turn. Maybe if the rover had landed with its wheels facing in the direction of travel I could have caught it. Maybe... well.

Although it does occur to me that if I do actually succeed, I can "rescue" -1j by tipping it over with a more successful rover...

Kerbal and Mun rising in the background make it an interesting image, though.

And now I have more litter on the mountain side to act as a visual reference.  This is the debris field:

Hope there's no local littering ordinance.