Standing Desk: 2nd Iteration

So using the cardboard box as a keyboard base makes the whole thing kind of rickety.  So I brought in a monitor hutch from home and repurposed the overhead cube shelf that I took down immediately upon taking up residence here:

This makes things a lot more stable to type on.  The keyboard is maybe a little low for my tastes now.

The other unexpected benefit is that using both the hutch and the cabinet on top of the desk has radically increased my available desktop space, since things can go under the various surfaces now.  This might be abused by my packrat tendencies but I hope not.  I have not had a cabinet or drawers at all at this desk, and that's sharply limited my ability to hoard.

All the things I read on the net about standing desks claim that it only takes about a week to get used to them -- for me it took much longer.  The first week I had to start sitting early in the afternoon.  Then one co-worker brought in a half-inch rubber mat (one of those jig-saw type floor coverings) and I found that using that made a huge difference.  At this point I can stand without thinking about it for several hours, although late in the afternoon I'm still finding that when I want to think, I end up sitting down.

I briefly tried using the laptop LCD panel as a second screen, and found my eyes/glasses are not good enough to read the tiny fonts on the laptop from that far away.  So I gave up on that fairly quickly.  I guess since my glasses prescription hasn't been changed in like 12 years it might be time to do something about that...