Driving Miss Crazy

One of the memes that floated around recently on Jalopnik was the idea that just being able to drive a manual transmission does not, in and of itself, make one a better person.

Thing is, I disagree.

In the context of driving, if I can use a manual transmission and you can't, that means I can do something you can't, which in the context of driving makes me a better driver than you (all other things being equal).

If you can't drive a manual, well I'm sorry for you.  It is possible to drive a car extremely well without knowing how to drive a manual*. No, not knowing how doesn't make you a bad person, or even a bad driver.  But the fact that someone who has a skill you don't could be considered better than you in relevant context is just life.

* == ...unless, of course, the car has a manual transmission, in which case it isn't possible to drive it well, if at all.  Duh.