Site-specific User Accounts

So in the course of solving the problem that lead to this page's creation, I happened upon the Nagios Exchange site page with the plugin that I ended up using.  The page in question notes that the plugin requires the perl module Array::Compare, but says that it isn't available through the popular yum repositories.

With 15 seconds of Googling, I found it in RPMforge, a factor which simplifies my life immensely.

So.  How best to share this knowlege?  It turns out that I'd have to create a user account on the site just to leave a comment on this page to that effect.  And frankly, that's too much overhead.  Unless I can create an account and log in as a pre-validated user -- something that OpenID permits me to do from my Gmail account -- frankly I'm not going to bother.

It seems insane that in this day and age there are still sites that expect you to create and manage separate digital identities.  I'm not saying make it impossible to have separate digital identities, but for a hit-and-run comment, anything more than about 15 seconds and four clicks is really too much effort and I'm not going to do it.

The StackExchange family of sites know how to do this.  It is easy.

It should be everywhere, at least as an option.

...and yes, I'm well aware that I've just spent far more effort complaining about the problem than I would have had I just created an account and moved on.