Sennheiser HD 500A

After using these Sennheiser HD 500A headphones, for a week, I can say that
  • they are really comfortable; and
  • they are much better quality than the MP3's I'm listening to.
We got them a couple years ago when the therapists that were working with Alex wanted him to do this "Active Listening" therapy, where special music/sounds were played to a child in order to stimulate parts of the brain.  Like all of these medical things, it was incredibly expensive, something like $250 for the CD and the headphones.  Not really sure that it did any good in the long run, as Alex quickly decided he didn't like the headset on his head.  The headphones today go for $140 on eBay, so I guess we did get some kind of value for the money.

But I found these headphones in the basement on the weekend while digging through boxes (ie "ineffectually moving things between piles") and figured I'd bring them into the office.  I have recently gone through a couple phases of music listening, first commandeering an old iPod of Alex's that isn't being used, then deciding I'd just listen to the music through iTunes on the laptop directly.  I still have the iPod earbuds for use when I am on the road, but these headphones are great for the office.

I used to listen to music directly off my phone, and I still do sometimes when I am in between calls while wearing the headset, but I've tried to become more battery-use conscious because I've had some days where I've been critically low on battery.