Ontario Energy Policy

I think it is time people put up or shut up.

The problem with "green" policy is that you'll find support from the majority for that policy -- until it starts to directly affect those being asked for support.

Take gas prices for example. Right now we find the NDP of all people wanting to take the HST off of gas in order to make it more affordable.

In related news, we had a visit from an Ontario Conservative canvasser on the weekend. He asked us if we were supporting the Conservatives, and we said no, no thank you. He said well then are you OK with your hydro bill exploding over the next ten years?

I said to him, "Well how else are you going to regulate consumption growth? I think the last ten years has shown us that asking people nicely to reduce usage is completely ineffectual."

He muttered something about just getting cheap hydro electricity from Quebec, and I said, "How are you going to pay for the infrastructure to get that electricity to Ontario? And why on earth would the Quebec government sell electricity cheaply to Ontario when the Americans are ready and willing to pay more?"

This election's alleged issues already seem to be about blatantly putting short-term self interest ahead of any kind of rational long-term planning.