Kind of ironic: this banner ad:

...which gives me the reaction yeah until they make you change it.

Quick thoughts on the LastPass outage:
  • Amazing how many things I can't get into any more because my nice, safe, strong passwords are hidden in a system I can't get to.
  • Amazing how many things I can get into, because my nice, safe, strong passwords have still been remembered by the browser.
  • Although this isn't necessarily a security breech, it is still an outage since I can't get my passwords. This, I think, is going to get a bunch of people to re-think their use of the service.
  • Also enjoying the pages which come up when you try to change your password saying the service is busy, so "try again in a few hours". Yeah. I'm still locked out here, dead in the water. This convenience is costing me efficiency. If it goes on for more than a day or two (ie if I can't get this sorted by Monday) I will be in trouble, and for all LastPass's trying to keep their customer information secure -- I won't be able to justify the risk of a similar outage, however well intentioned, in the future.