I Like This Idea

This is going to sound a little strange when compared with past opinions, but...

This idea of extending LRT to Landsdown is an idea I like.

It seems to me that thinking about things this was is exactly what you want to do in order to promote "smart" growth. If we are going to do LRT, and if we are going to do Landsdown, then gluing the two together is to me a no-brainer.

It occurs to me that any LRT which improves the lives of those of us who live out in the suburbs is only going to encourage the growth in those suburbs. If you are serious about densification, then you have to do two things:
  • make the core of the city an inviting place to live through public works improvements like this, and
  • stop making the places you want to discourage people living in more inviting.
I mean really, why are people going to choose to live in the city over living in the suburbs? Because it is a nicer place to live.

You still have to deal with the problem that the same money in the city buys a fraction of the living space that it does in the city. There is probably no real solution to that problem. But by making the surrounding city more inviting goes a long way towards correcting the perceived imbalance, especially since you are not actively trying to make life in the suburbs more convenient.

(Timely: the Bulldog on roadworks projects.)