Green Bin Mystery... Solved!

So one of the criticisms of the Green Bin program was that during the summer, maggots would infest the bins, feasting on the organic waste within.

When we received our Green Bin, I wondered how this might be so, since the bin's latch was advertised as being Raccoon-Proof(*). Surely a closed lid that could resist raccoons would present an effective barrier to maggots, yes?

Then I come home one Monday, and find this waiting for me:


And it wasn't just us, the entire street (plus the other two streets in the neighborhood I drive through coming home from work) was like this.


(*) == Yes, even though the city paper has video(**) showing this is demonstrably, laughably false; thus proving either that the Green Bin manufacturers are lying, or that they are employing stupid raccoons in Product Testing.

(**) == I find this hysterically ironic.