Drugs: you're on them

See this Craigslist ad. This is for an unpaid internship. 10 hours a week, over two or three days a week, for three months. You need:
  • a degree
  • three years of experience
  • Server 2K3 and Server 2k8 experience
  • communications + problem sovling + documentation + capacity planning skills
In return, you get:
  • Experience working in an 'exciting industry'
  • Resume builder
  • Recommendation letter
Are these guys on drugs? Three years experience, including Server and capacity planning experience, for an unpaid position?

"Degree + Experience == Unpaid Internship?"

I have two words for you: In Sane.

There are three positions, so my guess is they are trolling for three desperate people and then they will play "Survivor: Sysadmin" with them. Winner gets the job.

I'm almost tempted to apply just to find out who they are.