Programming Note

To: programming@ctv.ca
From: me


I am writing to you to express a frustration with a couple of shows being broadcast on your network, specifically Law And Order, and to a lesser extent, Fringe.

My complaint is that both programs are obviously filmed in a widescreen format, however are being broadcast in a non-widescreen transmission. The net effect of this is that the shots which are carefully framed to take advantage of the widescreen format are wasted, as characters or other on-screen details frequently "fall off" the edges of my non-widescreen TV. Specifically, shots framed wide to have two characters talking to each other from the edges of the widescreen can be reduced to two talking noses, or even be gone completely.

While I am sure that the programming executives at the networks from which you obtain your programs all have nice plasma widescreens with which to enjoy their TV, some of us are still stuck with 1995 technology, and are likely to be so stuck for quite some time.

An acceptable compromise would be to broadcast the show in a "letterboxed" format.

My questions for you are:

Is there a reason why the shows are broadcast in this manner?

Is there a reason why the shows can not be broadcast in a "letterboxed" format?

Is there a more appropriate place that I should raise such issues?

Thank you for your time.

David Mackintosh